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WBR-6003v2 succeeds Arawrd of "e-zone choice"
According to the report, LevelOne WBR-6003v2 has gained new Award "e-zone Choice" among other 6 brands from ezone issue 647 Hong Kong.

The LevelOne WBR-6003 is a wireless router that offers home and office users the latest 802.11n technology at a competitive price. Rated at 150Mbps, users will notice a significant improvement in wireless throughput compared to the previous standard of 802.11g.

It is an ideal solution for users who enjoy home network flexibility and require a stable performance. Sharing and streaming files with fast and reliable connections, without any lag or latency when listening to music or watching the latest video. The built-in Quality of Service (QoS) engine allows users to select applications with high priority for customized traffic control.

Moreover, the built-in Wireless Signal On/Off Button enables users to decide when the wireless internet access is on/off for greater network control. WPA/WPA2 encryption offers ideal protection against unwanted packet sniffing. The WBR-6003 comes with 802.1x RADIUS support for advanced network configuration. Setting up a secure wireless connection is fast and easy with a WiFi Protected Setup Push Button. Simply push the button and the WBR-6003 negotiates the best security encryption with compatible computers on the network.


Every award LevelOne had won is the encouragement of reputation. Hence, we are perpetually looking forward to making more sufficient and professional products to serve our customers.  

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